Gambling on Basketball and Tips to Help you Win

There can be no greater feeling when you go to a live game or sitting down with friends or family than hearing the final horn or whistle at the end of a basketball game and your team has won. For people who don’t follow sports, they will never truly understand the elation and joy it brings, sport brings people together regardless of nationality, race, or gender. For the millions that do follow a favorite team or are just avid fans of sports staying informed about their team’s news is extremely important. It helps with the excitement and also helps when you decide you might take a gamble on the game.In this article we will ready about Gambling on basketbal and tips to help you win.

Gambling is a huge industry in the United States worth over $80 billion annually and basketball accounts for a large percentage of this. College basketball is the most heavily gambled on and “March Madness’ accounts for over $7 billion of the total Online Cricket Betting ID revenue in a single month. With 67 games played in such a short time frame, the basketball betting world goes crazy. Everybody cannot win but many do with sites such as giving generous odds and promotions.

How to Increase Your Chance of Winning

When it comes to gambling on basketball games being up to date with the teams playing and having a well-devised strategy is essential to help improve your chances of winning. Nobody wins all the time and you have to accept the losses as much as the wins, but here are some tips that may help you:

  • Study the form: Teams will generally have a good run of form and a period of bad form during the season. It is important to study the form of both teams and decide for yourself if the game is even worth betting on. Sometimes though the form of a team may be inconsistent and this is often a good time to bet. The odds for a team in bad form will be in your favor, of course, which is why it’s a gamble.
  • Don’t be biased: We all like to think our local or favorite team is going to win every game. Let’s be honest that is rarely the case, use your head not your heart when placing bets. You may have to even bet against your own team to win.
  • Read the team news: Professional athletes are not machines and do get injuries during the season, basketball players are no different. Before placing bets it’s always good to know what squad is chosen. Losing key players to injury or illness can have a huge effect on the performance of the team and the result.
  • In-play bets: Basketball is such a fast-paced game that the score can change rapidly. This presents the bettor with many opportunities whilst the match is being played to place more bets. This method can be very rewarding.
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Having a strategy when gambling is a great way to ensure there are potential returns and minimize losses.

Getting the Right Information is Key to Winning Basketball Betting

As with most industries, there is a plethora of information and statistics that are made available to us. Basketball is no exception and for the purposes of betting, finding the right information on players and teams can massively help your chance of placing the correct bet. When placing a bet whilst the game is being played it is important not to just look at the scoreline. Data feeds being real-time are essential for any successful bettor. People are employed to go to games and give constant feedback to bookmakers so the odds can be adjusted, reporting on injuries or players being benched for rest or poor form.

A good or professional gambler will always have the latest data at their fingertips. The same applies to all sports betting especially one as fast-paced as basketball.

There are many good sources of information available but do check to see when the information and statistics were posted or printed. Many sites for example do not update daily or during the game, putting you at a disadvantage reading old news. Websites like Doc’s Sports Service update frequently and provide quality information.

Has Covid-19 Affected The Sports Gambling Industry?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everybody within the United States and all over the world, with sporting events being canceled and games and matches are being played behind closed doors with no spectators.  Basketball has not suffered as much as other sports but it is expected to cost the NBA over $1 billion in revenue. The gambling industry on the other hand is reporting record revenue with huge profits forecast for the next year. And now with nearly 20 states legalizing online betting, the figures look good despite the ongoing pandemic.

This is in contrast to the traditional casino of which over 1000 have had to close due to the restrictions on travel and the stay-at-home orders the government and individual state authorities have implemented to try and halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Many sporting events are still continuing and online sites can take advantage of the fact you can’t go to a horse race for example and if you want to bet the only practical way to do so is online. With all this extra time we have, it is still imperative to stick to your strategy and budget and not get carried away.


The Point Spread System in Basketball Betting

Point spread betting in many sports including basketball is the favorite way for many gamblers to place bets. Giving the bettor higher odds on the team they believe will win or lose the game. The point spread helps to even the odds on a team, one team is usually better than the other but with a point spread the favorite team may have a point spread of minus 3. This means the favorite must win by a minimum of 4 points. The team that is the underdog can either win the bet for you by winning the game outright or by losing by less than 3 points maximum. This system helps gamblers stand a better chance of winning and encourages more bets to be placed with the bookmaker.

The point spread system for basketball and most other sports for example usually are set with -110 meaning that an $11 bet will win you $10 and after receiving the stack back $21. This is just an example, sports bookmaker’s odds are not set in stone and can vary. The industry term used is the “house edge” and by gamblers often referred to as the “juice”.


Sports betting adds a lot of excitement for many of us watching the game or few avid fans of the sport. There is no sure-fire way to win every time unfortunately but that is why we love gambling. The thrill, enjoyment, and losses are all part of the gambling process. So long that you are not reckless and stick to the strategy that you have formed it can work out to be a pretty prosperous hobby or main source of income. Having a budget in mind is always a good idea and if you are losing it may be time to call it a day and come back another time, there will always be another basketball game tomorrow.