Even though gambling is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet, there is a curious lack of commonplace advertisements related to online casinos. It is due to the strict laws and legislation regarding the advertising of online casinos in digital and print media. Most countries have outright banned it, closing the doors to some of the largest marketing and revenue sources like Google AdSense and AdWords, Facebook Ads, and others. Lucky for them, online casinos have found multiple creative ways to advertise their games and services to the public. Today we are taking a look at online casinos in different markets and how they do marketing.

Marketing Regulations in Different Countries
The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, online casinos have grown to become a large source of gambling revenue. Despite this fact, strict regulations are banning the use of celebrities, well-known public figures belonging to sports or reality TV, and social media influencers from starring in advertisements for online casinos. Any commercials approved to air are tightly regulated, and no ads are allowed to run on TV before 9 PM. It is mainly to ensure that children and adolescents (susceptible to the harms of gambling) do not get exposed to this content visit The United States In the United States, similar regulations exist, and Google AdSense is off-limits for casino services. Facebook Ads allows casinos to market their games, but only if they comply with the strict guidelines and standards set by them. The only state to allow these ads is New Jersey, which is one of the hottest US markets in the gambling industry.

Other Countries

Other countries have different laws in place. International casinos like these may belong to countries like Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, and South Africa and may allow Casino and Bingo advertisement only. A few countries, including India, do not have any restrictions in place for Google Ads. Advertisements for sports betting and lottery, however, are banned in almost all the countries mentioned above except for India.

Marketing Methods

To combat these regulations, casinos have devised new strategies for online marketing. Some of these include:

Content Strategy

Placing well-written content on the casino website can invite more players to try out a casino. A trend for good content like blog posts, newsletters, etc. has emerged in recent years, which can lead to a boost in player numbers. It may be tips and tricks, player strategies, behind-the-scenes, and other curious topics players would like to read.

SEO Backlinks

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a useful tool that online casinos can use to their marketing advantage. Online services can issue SEO backlinks, which can result in the higher organic growth of the online casino. These backlinks can be obtained from sites like LinkPirates and act as a sign that your site is trustworthy.

Social Media Outlets

Various forms of social media services are available to every consumer easily. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, all of which can be used as an efficient means of advertising for casino games, tournaments, events, and special offers. Nowadays, most traditional brands have accepted the idea of a social media presence, and online casinos are no different. We can see many casinos advertising their services on their social media pages.