Many NBA stars are committed to philanthropic work and spend much of their free time helping out the community. The media sometimes makes it appear that players abuse their time and play high-stakes casino games late at night. Online casinos offer a fantastic alternative to players looking for media coverage.

Isaiah Thomas

There have been reports of Isiah Thomas’s participation in illegal gambling in his free time. He denied the allegations but did admit to participating in casual dice games and backdoor gambling parlors. He also said he had a history of accumulating debts from his time in these locations. His lawyer, Mark Aguirre, has met with an FBI agent and voiced concerns over Thomas’ alleged association with organized crime families.

After a television report revealed the scandal, Isaiah Thomas met with the FBI and a reporter to clarify his position. Thomas denied any involvement in the gambling activity and said his accountants issued all checks. He did, however, admit to playing some craps and placing $10 wagers.

The former basketball player attended Indiana University and graduated with a B.A. In 1987, he received his B.A. degree. He married Lauren Kendall in 1991 and had another son from an earlier relationship. In 1997’s Money Players, he was accused of betting. Later, he joined the Detroit Pistons where he won two NBA titles in 1990 and 1989. He was named the Most Valuable Player in the 1990 NBA Finals and the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four in 1991. He was a first-team consensus All-American and was also named to 12 NBA All-Star Teams.


Many NBA teams have been affected by the COVID-19 virus. After testing negative for the disease, Russell Westbrook was reinstated to the Thunder’s roster. Derrick Thomas, however, has been able to play enough time in a diminished role that he was able to get waivers cleared and can return to the league.

JR Smith

JR Smith enjoys gambling and has admitted to playing several casino games in his free time. The shooting guard has experience with many kinds of games and is very good at some. However, he doesn’t often use free slots or bonuses to his advantage. He was once the victim of thieves, and his bag with $15,000 cash was taken. The thieves took Smith’s belongings because they thought he was using it for gambling.

Both Michael Jordan and Antoine Walker have admitted that they play casino games when free. The two NBA stars are also fans of gambling and are regular visitors of Atlantic City casinos. They are good friends who often go to the same casino. The one of them even lost $1million in gambling.

Smith has many tattoos. His first one is a picture of himself dunking a basketball. Over 70 tattoos are his. He once racked up a $3,000 room service bill. Smith also has a large collection of autographed basketballs.

Smith has a lot of tattoos and is an active member of the New York Jets. He is a skilled golfer, but he can still hit a great shot. For many years, he has been part of the NBA and splits his time between New York City and New Orleans.