Did you know that written communication is an essential tool?


From an email to an academic essay, and from a business plan to a scientific report, writing plays a fundamental role in our professional lives.

According to Salvador García, coordinator of the Writing Center of the Cuernavaca campus, its importance lies not only in its function of communication but also in the fact that the written texts show various characteristics of the author.

“It is as if it were a fingerprint, what each one writes exposes our virtues, but also our shortcomings, both in terms of training and culture,” he explains.

poorly written text can be a reason to reject professionals who seek professional growth, join international projects or seek admission to postgraduate programs.

“It is necessary to become aware of the importance of written communication. There is no better cover letter than a text that does not present grammatical errors or coherence problems,” explains Salvador.

Despite its importance, there is currently a global crisis in terms of written communication.

“Whether due to the lack of reading habits or due to the excessive use of technological tools, such as cell phones, writing has mutated into forms of graphic expresión.”

How to write correctly?

The first thing you should learn is to write texts without spelling mistakes and with consistency because it is important to write correctly to demonstrate your abilities and generate more job opportunities. Therefore, you will contribute to the construction of an optimal successful professional image, which represents a virtue that should never be overlooked.

If at the time of presenting an essay you have good writing, the feeling that you will leave your interlocutor will be very pleasant because it is important to write correctly to effectively communicate an idea. To improve the way you write, prior and constant preparation is necessary, above all to enrich your lexicon.

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Wherever you are, misspellings are frowned upon and can give you a negative image, such as poor preparation and care. However, to learn it is necessary to understand that it requires in-depth knowledge of the linguistics of the language being spoken and its grammatical rules.

Advantages of Writing Correctly

 Being clear about why it is important to write correctly is synonymous with quality, you must remember that, if a text is poorly written, you will surely project a bad image to others and especially to those people who wanted to invest part of their time to read your creations of infographics, essays, etc.

Similarly, correct spelling is not only necessary for people whose profession is related to writing but for all professionals. Because it is important to write correctly to obtain a series of advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Show your mental order

In the way of writing, you can show the attitude and personality of a person. This is possible due to the type of syntax and spelling that said person uses, this is what will give way to know if you have clear ideas or, on the contrary, your thoughts are confused and scattered.

  • A good example for others

If you do not have spelling errors, you can become an example for your readers and thus encourage them to write with good spelling. The fact of not spreading wrong approaches helps to preserve the authenticity and essence of speaking our language well.

  • Respect for the interlocutor

The activity of writing without spelling mistakes shows that you give value and importance to the person who is reading your text, even if it is very short, it must have the same care in spelling as fairly extensive writing.

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