8 Ways to Give Your Iowa Home’s Interior A Modern Makeover

The days of frills, ruffles, and wallpapers are long gone but many of us have found it difficult to part with the outdated but familiar interiors.

However, the chic and modern designs for fittings and furniture available today can tempt even the most traditional ones of us into a modern makeover. 

When it comes to modern interiors, the sky’s the limit. From removing walls to creating larger spaces, installing tasteful patio doors and adding a pop of color to otherwise minimalistic rooms—you can do it all!

Here are a few suggestions from us to get you started on your mood board. 

Start with A Neutral Canvas 

In general, the cleaner the canvas is, the more you can do with it. So, if you’re remodeling the interior, start with neutral bases. This means plain, simple walls with white, cream, or greyish hues. 

Remember to add no additional colors or textures when you’re prepping the space i.e. doing the walls, flooring, etc. This will allow you to explore unlimited options of furniture and fixtures as well as doors and windows later. 

Work Around Clean, Straight Lines 

Modern interior designing is all about clean cuts and lines. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that straight lines are key when building a contemporary space. Horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal lines can be echoed in the design and decor. 

But if you’re smart about it, there’s always room for curves. Whether it’s arched French doors leading to the patio or a spiral staircase, you can add character with curves within the clean outlines.  

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Incorporate an Industrial Aesthetic 

Industrial elements in residential interiors are the epitome of modern makeovers. From iron French doors for the side patio to steel sliding doors for the back deck, there are numerous ways to add an industrial touch to your interiors. 

Maximize the use of glass, concrete, and steel to create the ultimate modern vibe. Moreover, opt for greyish hues for your walls and flooring if you intend to stick with this theme. 

Jump on The Minimalism Bandwagon 

Modern living is all about minimalism. Gone are the days of regal tones, heavy sofas and settees, and just overall grandeur highlighted with over-the-top chandeliers. 

Modern homes are minimalistic and mostly clutter-free. This doesn’t mean you need to throw everything out, but what it essentially implies is the need to scale down and use multifunctional options where you can. 

For instance, pull-out tables that double as desks, stools with storage, or interior doors that can be folded back to create larger spaces when needed.  

Keep the Color Palette Chic  

The color palette needs to be minimalistic too. While there’s no restriction on what colors you pick i.e. pastels, bolds, or bright or earthy tones, streamline the combinations. 

This may mean sticking to different tones and gradients of the same color as white or grey while adding a single pop of color like bright yellow or a vibrant green through cushions or rugs. Moreover, to limit the colors, choose iron doors or steel doors with clean lines and designs instead of heavily textured wooden ones. 

Bring Natural Elements Inside  

In our interior designing mood boards, the concept of minimalism applies only to artificial elements. When it comes to nature, you can go all out. 

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If you love greenery, place indoor potted plants in the house. But make sure to install large factory-style steel windows to allow plenty of natural light for the plants. The right interior doors and windows can help to bring the outdoors inside giving the house a modern but natural vibe.  

Add Tasteful Modern Art 

While interior designing is in itself a form of art, adding further artistic elements is always a good idea. Remember when we talked about a minimalistic color palette with a pop of color? Modern, abstract art could be that “pop of color.” 

It’s also a great way to add character to your interior space by personalizing it. You can coordinate cushions and rugs with the art you choose for a room. 

Choose an Open Layout 

Modern homes are supposed to have lots of multifunctional spaces. While the bedrooms will always be closed and private. It’s typical for the kitchen, living room, and dining area to be open. 

The open floor plan gives the illusion of more space and ensures better airflow throughout the house. It also gives you more space if you’re entertaining guests and hosting large parties. 

Alternatively, you can also install steel sliding doors or room dividers if you want to enjoy the modern interior space albeit with some privacy. 

Interior makeovers can take a lot of time, planning, choosing, and ordering ahead of time can make a lot of difference. 

If you’re not sure where to start, looking at doors and windows is a good idea. If you’re going with iron doors or steel doors, they are safe enough to fit into any theme you pick later.  

Just make sure to look at plenty of design options whether you’re looking at entry doors or interior doors including patio doors or wine cellar doors

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