The growing interest in vaporizers can be attributed to their portability, discreteness, and convenience of usage. Along with the aforementioned benefits, vaporizers are also known to reduce the intake of carcinogens while vaping cannabis products. Thus, they are linked with reduced lung damage and signs of aging. Irrespective of what you choose between concentrates and dry herbs, vaping is definitely the healthier way of getting high (read on vaping vs smoking). We understand how it might be difficult to choose from the plethora of options available in the market. We recommend you get started by understanding your preference between concentrate vs. herb vaporizers.

Difference between dry herbs and concentrate vaporizers

Simply put, dry herb vaporizers are basically used for vaping damaged cannabis flowers. On the other hand, concentrate vaporizers are meant for vaping concentrates. They are also referred to as dab pens, and they come with chambers/tanks that can be filled with your favorite extracts, heated up, and then inhaled.

Thus, concentrate vaporizers can be a good place to start with for herb lovers who wish to keep the torch away and dab whenever they want. Most vapes manufactured in recent times offer dual usage meaning that you can switch between vaping dry herbs and concentrates. Such multifunctional vapes are a great choice for those of us who like variety infused in small and portable devices.


There is a great deal of difference in the potency between dry herbs and concentrates. Concentrates comprise about 60-80 percent THC. On the other hand, the average dry herbs are home to only 10 to 25 percent THC. This implies that concentrate vaporizers are highly cost-effective as less material needs to be used to reach high. In addition, inexperienced dabbers can easily start with these devices, work their way up, and enjoy the high.

Concentrate vaporizers tend to be fast and effective

We all know how inhaling cannabis concentrates is extremely powerful and potent in comparison to dry herbs. Medical cannabis users often inhale concentrates as they provide quick relief owing to the presence of a large number of cannabinoids. Some concentrates are rich in the amount of non-intoxicating compounds like CBD.

A CBD concentrate is a highly effective ingredient in cannabis owing to its pain-relieving properties. It makes you feel better without the patient having any additional psychoactive effects that make them high.

How do dab hits from concentrate vaporizers work?

Dabbing, as we all know, is the process of applying a concentrate to vaporizer oil and inhaling it while the cannabinoids and terpenes change in form from wax to vapor. This is a simple and effective way to get hold of a potent dosage of cannabinoids.

Thus, concentrate vaporizers are incredibly valuable as tools for regular dabbers. This is because they offer convenience and discreteness irrespective of whether the dabber is inhaling cannabis.

Importance of temperature in the dry herb and concentrate vaporizers

It is worth noting that the heating of cannabis concentrates and dry herbs to an optimum temperature to initiate the change from solid/liquid to vapor state happens without combustion. Heating without combustion implies that the user does not get to inhale tar, carcinogens, or any other harmful toxins that can irritate the lungs in the long run.


Most vaporizers available today have a fixed range of temperatures within which the user can choose 3 or 4 temperatures. When activated at a specific temperature, usually by pressing a button, the battery of the device heats the coils in the atomizer. This chamber warms up the material inside. Usually, the temperature inside is hot enough to convert the solid/liquid material into vapor but is not too hot to irritate the lungs.

In fact, the lower the temperature, the smoother the vapor will be. Whether it is a concentrate or a dry herb vaporizer you plan on investing in, the right temperature will ensure that you enjoy a smooth vapor and big clouds without combusting your material. We recommend looking for reliable and trustworthy brands like Budmail that take customer experience and quality of product very seriously.