Not only is basketball a big draw for TV viewers and those who can get in courtside, it’s hugely popular among the betting community. The NBA is a major focus but the markets cover leagues and cups from around the world.- Basketball Betting Strategies

Whether you’re betting on the NBA, basketball at the Olympics or any other competition, it pays to have a plan. Strategies are a common approach and, while there are no guarantees, there are ways in which you can be better informed as you approach those markets.

Tip 1: Find the Right Home

A thorough process in terms of basketball betting begins with finding the right sportsbook. Bettors can check the many hundreds of options available, or they can outsource the work to a third party.

Review sites such as take away the need to spend hours assessing each bookmaker. They provide extensive reviews of all their affiliated sites and the key points under the microscope include choice of markets, offers and promotions and the competitive nature of the odds. also publish guides to common betting strategies, many of which can be applied to basketball. There’s a ton of knowledge to tap into and it’s also possible to proceed and get directly involved with the markets.

Each of the sports betting sites listed on those pages are ready to take on new customers subject to eligibility requirements and a satisfactory registration form. The sign up process is fast and secure and there is likely to be a welcome promotion waiting on the other side.


Different funding methods can help to get the account moving while effective customer service operators can help out at any stage. Once registered as a playing customer, it should also be possible to access mobile betting, in-play markets and a host of other sports besides basketball.

Finding the right sportsbook is arguably the most important step on a basketball betting journey but it’s only the first task.

Tip 2: The Power of Probability

Betting odds tell us how much we can expect to be paid in the event of a winning bet. They also point out who is the favorite and who is the underdog. Betting with the public means that you are getting behind the favorite.

Probability tells us that one event is more likely to come in than another. Favorites don’t always win but some bettors simply plan their entire strategy on following probability and backing the team who they think is most likely to win.

In the event of a loss at any time, those punters may adjust their stake with a view to making a profit next time around. It’s not a guaranteed approach but it’s certainly one to consider.

Tip 3: When to Parlay

A parlay is a multiple bet. It can start with two selections and, in theory, there is no upper limit. While the odds increase, the exposure increases at the same time. The important point to remember with parlays is that all of the selections have to win for the bet to pay out.

For that reason, a parlay should be approached with caution. Many bettors who employ them tend to pick short odds favorites. There’s a higher probability of a win but, once again, it should be remembered that there are no guarantees.


The choice is always down to the individual but the mechanics behind a parlay should certainly be borne in mind.

Tip 4: The Power of your own Research

While there are many basketball betting strategies out there, it’s imperative that bettors undertake their own research. Ahead of any match in the NBA, the Euroleague or anywhere else, it’s vital to do your own work.

Factors to consider include form, head to head results and any issues with injuries or other absences. All of this information is readily available, and it can provide invaluable pointers when judging the moneyline market or any of the additional prop bets.

There are many strategies to consider when betting on the NBA or on any other basketball competition. After taking care of the basics, be sure to follow advice from experienced bettors and you should have a better chance of landing some regular returns.