It will interest punters to know that innovations in betting markets and sites have made it possible for them to bet on wrestling and Judo. These fight events are incredibly entertaining and easy to play.

The WWE refers to the professional betting sites promotion. Although many people believe the setup is fake, there is no denying that the sport features expert wrestlers and thrilling events.

Judo is another fantastic fighting sports bettors can now explore in online sportsbooks. It is available in many prominent and engaging tournaments like the Olympics or the Pan American game.

Unfortunately, Most professional judo athletes in Japan think it is not reasonable to participate in judo tournaments outside their country. 

Only a few professional Japanese players travel out of the country for the world’s most popular events like the Olympics.

Additionally, Judo and wrestling are perfect alternatives to MMA bets. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through the best judo and wrestling sports markets. 

These markets are easy ways to clinch profit on betting platforms. Nevertheless, Before we begin, let’s discuss the popular WWE Events you can play in the sportsbook.

Popular WWE Events to Bet On

There are wrestling events that happen all through the Year. The major WWE events are Monday Night Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. Follow along as we provide a quick summary of these wrestling events.

  • Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw is a thrilling WWE event for professional wrestlers. The program happens on Monday nights at 20:00 on the USA Wrestling Stations.

Since its creation in 1993, Raw has been the most prominent wrestling program globally. Moreover, It features over 200 arenas in more than 15 different countries.

  • Smackdown

WWE SmackDown is the second most anticipated wrestling event in the world. It is known as SmackDown Live, and it happens on Tuesday nights on significant sports channels in the United States. 


It started in 1999 as an excellent alternative to Monday Night Raw. The show features fights from 162 arenas in over ten countries. 

The four championships of the smackdown tournament are:

  •  WWE Champion
  • The Intercontinental Champion
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion 
  •  WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion

  • NXT

WWE NXT is another top-rated event in wrestling. It does not have the same popularity as the smackdown and the Monday night raw, but it Is equally fascinating. Moreover, many wrestling lovers support the action and wrestlers of NXT. 

Like the smackdown, the NXT features four different championships, including the NXT Champion, Women’s Champion, NXT Team Champion, and WWE United Kingdom Champion.

Some of the most famous WWE events every Year are Wrestlemania and SummerSlam. 

WWE Betting Markets

WWE is not a team game like basketball or football. Therefore, it does not have so many bet markets like these ball games. 

However, there are still various ways to place bets on wrestling games. Read below as we provide the top best wrestling betting markets available on online sportsbooks.

  • First-time Winner

The first-time winner is a propositional bet on wrestlers that have never won before. This market is thrilling and equally profitable. Moreover, it always comes with high odds on online sportsbooks.

  • Longest Ring Time 

Another betting market in wrestling is the Longest ring time. In this selection, you are betting on a wrestler to endure a certain period in the ring. The longest ring time is an excellent and exciting selection with good odds.

  • First-to-Appear 

First to appear is a wrestling betting selection where you pick the first fighter to show on the stage. It is not a result bet, and the piece has nothing to do with the fighting rounds.


  • Appearance Bets

Appearance bets are similar to the first-to-appear selection. However, in this selection, you are betting on the category of person that will show on the stage. The section does not limit its scope to fighters; it includes politicians and officials.

  • Bout Outcome

Bout outcome bets are also very prominent in online wrestling sportsbooks. This market allows you to bet on how the events will end. 

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Although it is an outcome bet, you do not have to specify who will win the event; instead, you are betting on the method of winning by any fighter. 

  • Elimination Bets

Elimination bets are wrestling bets that are generally available when multi-person bouts such as the Royal Rumble are happening. 

In this selection, you are betting on the wrestler that will win the most significant number of opponents. Moreover, they might not be the overall winner, but they have to get the highest number of eliminations.

GamblingJudo Betting Markets

Betting in Judo is pretty straightforward. You have to pick the fighter with the best winning chances and stake on the athlete. 

Judo odds are always very high, and they give good opportunities to earn a profit on online sportsbooks.

Experienced gamblers have recently turned their attention to betting on Judo as its simplicity is thrilling. Moreover, it is easy for them to transfer their betting knowledge on other sports down to Judo.

Judo professionals like Teddy Riner have made placing outright bets on the events exciting. However, remember, because of the statistics of these professionals, their odds may be somehow low. 

Consequently, do good research to discover the form of the underdog and risk Betting on them to win big in the sportsbook.

Judo and the Olympics

The Olympics features the best judo games in the world. Moreover, It has interesting characters with fantastic arenas. 

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics features Japanese professionals who do not usually participate in international competitions. Additionally, the judo betting scene allows you to stake the nationality of the winners. 

For example, you can pick Japan to win the Gold medal and USA to win the Silver. This selection is especially suitable for punters who are not versed in the judo world.

Judo offers an incredible opportunity to stake on an online sportsbook without much research. Moreover, they are fantastic alternatives for MMA punters who love to place regular bets on fighting sports.