Placing bets on sports has been an age-old tradition. Though considered gambling, betting on sports in California is a common sight at horse races, dog races and often livens up what looks like a boring sport. Recently, sports betting has seen a rise and with the rise of the internet, various sites and apps allow you to bet from the comfort of your own home. Let’s see Why you should bet on basketball.

Most recently, basketball has seen an uptick in betting with its NBA series in America garnering worldwide attention. There are several reasons why you should place bets in basketball now. In this article, we’ll be covering why you should bet on basketball and also cover a few of the strategies you should have towards betting.

So, why should you bet on basketball?

The basketball betting is good and able to suit in most lifestyles, as the majority of betting takes place over the internet, you can either use a computer or a phone to place your bets. This allows for the player to place their bet from virtually any location. Unlike conventional gambling such as poker or slots you don’t have to put a lot of time into it. 

One thing that makes betting easy to get into is its relatively small learning curve, though it takes a while to master, it only takes a few minutes to learn the basics to make a quick bet.

Where conventional gambling is monotonous, betting is dynamic and ever changing based on betting strategy and evolution of the sport. It provides an intellectual challenge that keeps you coming back for more. 


Betting on Basketball and how to be good at it

It goes without saying that things can get out of hand in gambling, especially if big money is involved, so, in order to keep yourself in check and not go overboard, it’s important to create a budget. 

Now to move onto juicier tips!

Learn everything about both side teams, whether the star player is in the game or being rested, and whether they have an injury or not. Knowing teams’ schedules are important too, as knowing whether a team is rested or fatigued is key to making bets against or for them.

Another trick is to question the bookmaker’s decisions, as that helps you to gauge the value and chances of winning a bet. For instance, if a highly anticipated match has a team with a home advantage, then it is more likely the people will bet on that team and so, the bookmaker will open the betting line at -1 which is normal for home teams, as they will try to make their vig or commission on it. 

Team observation is another part making smart bets. It could be small things like a team’s total energy and morale over a season that can make bets either win or lose against certain teams.


Betting is becoming big, especially with the popularity of betting apps and websites, it looks to be a fun way to pass the time and analyze the games. For basketball fans, placing bets on basketball should be easier than playing at casino. We’ve discussed all the reasons why you should bet on basketball. Hope this helps!