Winter sports are quite varied and exciting. Figure skating, skiing, biathlon, there are so many of them. We cheer at the Winter Olympics, competitions and contests. And this winter is no exception.

However, the majority of viewers are now captivated by the Ukrainian Football Championship, which has gathered millions of viewers around the screens, and thousands of sports bets live in bookmakers. Perhaps the most important reason is that betting on a sporting event gives us a sense of belonging. After all, when our athletes win, we also win together with them.

This allows you to get very vivid feelings and share successes and failures with your favorites. In addition, bookmakers often act as sponsors of sports clubs and athletes. And it also helps their development.

A game like football is not just a sports entertainment, it is a game of millions. It is popular all over the world. Fans come from all over the world to watch their favorite team play in person. And athletes who won become national heroes. International football competitions instill a spirit of healthy competition and rivalry between countries. This game does not divide people based on gender, age and nationalities. Football is a game for everyone.

This sport, of course, is chosen much less often than others, but in terms of the volume of bets, it is sometimes not inferior to football. For example, the legendary fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje garnered more bets than the 2020 Champions League final.


Among all other sports betting, hockey is unlikely to take the lead, but there are many fans of betting on hockey. And this is exactly the case when you need to be well versed in the game, because the outcome of hockey matches is often very unpredictable.



Esports is gaining huge popularity very quickly. There are bookmakers specializing in eSports competitions, and by watching the game of gamers and placing bets, you can make good money.

These are the most popular sports for betting today. For less popular sports, there are fewer bets to choose from and lower maximums. It is already more difficult to find up-to-date statistics and other important information for decision-making about them.

Thus, when choosing a sport, it is worth choosing those in which you are best versed. It is better to choose tournaments covered by the major sports media. Having made a choice, we recommend that you test the effectiveness of your strategy first on a virtual account.

Bets on sports online

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