Canada has a great tradition in many sports. The high calibre of the country’s athletes and the results of major competitions make Canada an important player in the sporting world, repeatedly ranking number one. There is no doubt that Canada has become one of the world’s greatest representatives in sport, and has also achieved great success in online sports betting VulkanBet. Here is a ranking of the most popular sports in Canada at the moment. 

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On a global scale, football is the number one sport among fans all over the world. The passion and emotion that football matches evoke can be seen in Canada.

However, the game of football dates back to 1876 when the first football match was played. Canada has been involved in football tournaments ever since.

According to FIFA, the world governing body for football, there were about 2006 professional football players in Canada in 2695712. This number has steadily increased since then, making it one of the most popular sports for in-play betting Vulkan in the country.

In terms of turnout, football is the most popular sport in the region. In Canada, football is played in the Canadian Premier League and the Major League Soccer. The Canadian Soccer Association regulates the sport.


Canadian athletes also play cricket. It is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada, history of which began in 1892.

There are about 40 cricket players in Canada. This number continues to grow with the emergence of national cricket tournaments such as the T20 National Championship and Scotia Shield Under-19, which are attracting more and more people to the competitive sport.



Hockey is the national sport of Canada. That’s why hockey matches are watched with great enthusiasm from the stands in Germany. There are seven NHL teams in Canada. As of the date of their first NHL season, the seven teams are as follows: 

  • Montreal Canadiens (1917);
  • Toronto Maple Leafs (1917);
  • Vancouver Canucks (1970);
  • Edmonton Oilers (1979);
  • Calgary Flames (1980);
  • Ottawa Senators (1992);
  • Winnipeg Jets (2011).


Lacrosse is also a national game. History says that the sport was played by Native Americans since 1859 and its rules were very different from today’s lacrosse. There are currently two professional lacrosse leagues in Canada: 

  • The National Lacrosse League;
  • The Major Lacrosse League.

The sport has been very well represented by Canadians at the World Championships, where the national team has placed first in various competitions.


Canada is one of the leading countries in the sport. Curling was introduced to Canada by Scottish immigrants and the oldest sporting club in North America is the Curling Club in downtown Montreal.

The Canadian professional curling league is one of the best in the sport. Its men’s and women’s teams are undefeated in every competition in which they compete.

Like other sports, curling is very popular among students. There are university tournaments which take place at a high level and attract many fans of the sport.