Top mistakes in sports betting

The number of players who remain in the red in long-run sports betting is much higher than those who are more likely to win. It is not surprising, because mathematically, the bookmaker initially has an advantage, and you can beat it only thanks to a careful and thoughtful approach. But being left with nothing is much easier. Therefore,  will tell you about 10 mistakes in sports betting and which can be avoided. 

1. Perception of bets

It is the biggest and worst mistake that novice players make. You cannot try to make money on bets. It can be a pleasant pastime, a hobby, but not a job. Even if you are good at sports and beat the bookmaker’s line, it should still be a pleasant hobby that brings extra income, nothing more. If you set the goal of living solely on the bets, you will be mired in losses, debt and depression. 

Of course, everyone considers himself to be the smartest (this is how our psyche works), but believe us, much smarter people than you and we have lost on the delusion that one can live solely on winnings from bets. Thinking of sports betting as fun, not money, is a surefire way to stay afloat.

2. Striving to win back

How do you win back your bets after losing? The golden rule: If you have lost an amount that you could afford to lose, that is the end of your betting for today. Don’t bet to win back what you’ve lost! With such an approach you automatically lose concentration and start betting on nonsense. Either you stop for today, or you with 100% probability continue to lose – this is the most important law in betting. You can lose exactly as much as you can afford to lose.


3. Ignorance of the rules of the bookmaker’s office

Know the rules by which you bet. Especially when betting on hockey. All the offices accept bets on hockey games in different ways. Some are on the main time of the 3 periods (without OT), and some are taking OT into account. You could make one bet with a completely different bet in mind, but no one will give you your money back.

4. Inclusion of a large number of events in the accumulator

Most beginners try to collect giant accumulators from obvious favourites or events with low odds. Of course, if you look at each match locally, you get the impression that only a miracle could prevent such a bet from winning. But this impression is misleading. Such parlays are bread and butter for any bookmaker’s office.

5. Errors in live betting

Every match follows a completely unpredictable scenario, and newcomers, impressed by a bright attack can rush their bets. Live betting should be approached with a cool head, armed with patience.

6. Passion for betting on your favourite team

Of course, betting should bring pleasure and emotion, and betting on your favourite team provides just that. But sometimes it is worth looking at the bet more objectively. Betting on your favourite team is possible and necessary, but only if your opinion as an analyst coincides with it. Try to be more sober-minded, though, and bet on the team based on its playing form rather than the form it is playing in. 

7. Betting on various “win-win” systems

The main thing to know in this section is that there are no win-win systems, otherwise, bookmakers would have gone bankrupt long ago. Many different experts on the Internet share the secrets of success for free and for money. You will receive nothing but zero profit, but most likely you will lose your entire bank.


8. Buying match-fixing

Of course, match-fixing exists, all over the world and even in the English Premier League. Wherever there are people, there is a place for corruption and match-fixing, unfortunately. And the EPL is no exception. Of course, such matches are played there 10 times less often than in Italy or Russia, but they are everywhere. But no one will ever sell that information on the Internet. All offers to sell information on match-fixing are pure fraud.

9. Betting drunk

You can place a bet and go have a drink with friends in the sports bar, watching the game. But you can’t do the opposite. The bet should be made when sober, and if you have drunk it is better not to play. Otherwise, the loss of concentration and all the money is guaranteed to you.

10. Debt game

Here we are already talking about a serious stage of addiction. If you are going to bet on debt, you have clear problems. Always risk only the amount that you can afford to lose relatively painlessly, and do not try to borrow money to place a bet. You will win back once and you will lose three. And so it will be every time. You will simply fall into real bondage, from which it will be difficult to get out.