Nowadays, hotels are made primarily for enjoying vacations. Their other purpose is probably to have a place to stay over while on a business trip. Both these things go pretty well with gambling when you think about it. 

When on a vacation a couple of spins of a roulette or slot machine can bring excitement. They can also help you relax and think less about your everyday worries. Not to mention winning some money rather than spending it while on a holiday sounds pretty good too. 

And if you are on a business trip, visiting a casino after a business dinner can improve your relationship with clients and colleagues. It can be seen as a form of team building. 

So, it’s no wonder that many hotels have a casino they are famous for. Your mind probably first goes to Las Vegas and its marvelous hotels. Sin City as it’s called is known in the whole world as a gambler’s heaven. For the most luxurious hotels, it’s impossible to exist in Vegas without having a casino. 

But, the sole purpose of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau, etc, is to attract gamblers. We however were curious to know more about the hotels that were created for vacations or business trips and also happen to have a casino. 

That is why in the next lines, you will find our top three picks of such hotels and what makes them and their casinos stand out. 

Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino (Spain)

Ibiza is an island that belongs to Spain. It’s located in the Mediterranean sea. The island has become the symbol of amazing parties and a place to visit for those whose idea of a vacation is having fun 24/7. Not to mention, it has beautiful beaches too


Ibiza Gran Hotel is a piece of five-star luxury. They truly found a way to combine what the island has to offer (amazing nightlife and equally amazing beaches we mentioned above) with the greatest and most expensive accommodation experience.  

The hotel also understood that Ibiza is a great place to see if Lady Luck is on your side. That’s why here you’ll find one of the best casinos in the world. As their website says: in this casino, you are tonight’s film star. There, you will find the best of the usual casino features: awesome slots and great gambling tables. 

The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino (Puerto Rico)

San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico and one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the lovely Caribbean. 

And when a hotel is part of a Ritz-Carlton chain of hotels you know one of the world’s synonyms for luxury and premium services. Their jewel in San Juan is an excellent example of that. It’s set in an amazing environment that has a vibe of times past. The latter makes it especially enjoyable for those who love history. 

Similar to Ibiza, a great hotel like Ritz-Carlton in a great place like San Juan absolutely must offer their guests a chance to enjoy a top-notch gambling experience. In the hotel’s casino, they too have the best possible games to offer to their visitors, especially wheel ones. 

It is so good it became a poker destination with many people here coming just to try their luck in this game. This means there will be many professionals playing, so before you go, check your knowledge of poker basics just in case. 


Sun City Resort and Casino (South Africa)

Sun City resort is located in the North West Province of South Africa. It’s 140 km away from the capital city – Johannesburg, with the closest city being Rustenburg. 

Unlike the two places that we mentioned before, Sun City is not an island or a city, it’s a resort built with fun and pleasure in mind. It’s nicknamed the African kingdom of pleasure. 

And there’s no full offer of pleasure if there isn’t a great gambling option, right? That’s why among other fun things to do, in Sun City resort you will find a casino too. Its atmosphere is meant to make you feel like you went on a Safari trip. Here you can play roulettes, slots, blackjack, and many more. Another thing that makes it special, is separate rooms with special security for those who take their games super seriously. 

To conclude 

Gambling paradises like Las Vegas and Macau are great if you want to travel for the sake of gambling. But sometimes it’s a great idea to try out some new places. Just because they are not famous for gambling doesn’t mean they don’t have high-quality casinos to offer. 

With that in mind, we selected these three wonderful hotels whose casinos are a great match to their more famous counterparts in the cities we mentioned above.