Being single does not have to mean that you cannot have fun and enjoy life. You can have a lot of fun in Adelaide by taking part in several exciting activities, visiting different locations, and even meeting some great people. Adelaide is one of Australia’s biggest cities and it can be a fantastic place for a singleton to have fun because there are so many nice attractions to visit, and it has friendly people. For example, if you are looking for things to do in Adelaide and you’re single, you can join groups and start exploring live music performances.

Here are some of the things you can do in Adelaide if you’re single:

Take a leisurely walk exploring the Adelaide Botanic Garden

If you want to enjoy serenity in a cool way, take a relaxing stroll through the Adelaide Botanic Garden which is a fantastic place to visit. You can book one of the best Adelaide escorts to accompany you on your tour of the garden and maybe you can have a nice time together later.

The botanic garden in Adelaide is a public garden with lots of beautiful plants, and unbelievably lovely flowers to see. One of the places you could take a stop is at the “Palm House”, a glasshouse that shelters amazing tropical plants.

To have a peaceful time alone, relaxing and enjoying nature’s gifts, taking a walk in the Adelaide Botanic Garden is one of the best options. You only have the beauty of the plants to focus on so this is an incredible place for relaxation.

Take a Bike Tour starting from Mount Lofty Summit

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As a single person looking for exciting activities in Adelaide, you can consider taking a Mount Lofty descent bike tour. This is certainly among the most incredible things you can do, and you will enjoy every second of it. You start at the top of Mount Lofty and take in the beautiful views of the city from up there, and then once you have had enough of the views, get a local guide to help you navigate your bike ride descending the hill.

On your way down the hill, stop momentarily at Cleveland Wildlife Park, and spend some time watching some lovely animals, and enjoying some tea. And the fun part of the ride—even when you are a solo traveller is that you are in the company of other bikers, and this makes it more exciting.

Explore the Adelaide Riverbank on a Segway

With a one-hour tour ride on a Segway, you can catch the best sights that Adelaide has to offer. The great thing is that you can manage to cover much more distance on a Segway than you could on foot because you move so much faster.  

Top of the list of places to visit on this tour is the Adelaide Oval, the Riverbank Bridge and Adelaide Zoo. You get a great overview of Adelaide on this tour. Moreover, riding a Segway is a fun activity on its own. Also, you can take the tour alongside other people so it’s a great small group activity that offers you a chance to socialize on your solo travels, and this is incredible.



If you’re single, you can have so much fun in Adelaide because there are so many things you can do. Besides the above activities, you can go on a cruise to watch dolphins or explore the Central Market alongside other travellers, just to mention a few things you could do.