Being one of the most cricket-loving countries in the world, it is natural to find lots of competitions of this discipline in India. One of the many tournaments played there is the Z. R. Irani Cup, which was later renamed to Irani Trophy. The first edition that took place of this event was in the 1959-69 season. Fans can find all kinds of sport news – 1x website offers the best coverage on all these major cricket tournaments.

The reason why this competition was created in the first place was to honour Z. R. Irani. He was a member of the BCCI for more than four decades, helping to shape India as the modern cricket powerhouse that it is today. He worked as a treasurer for this entity between 1928 and 1970. The 1x website features all kinds of sports news, and within its cricket section, fans can find information on the Z. R. Irani tournament or any other competition.

An entire country involved

The Z. R. Irani Cup is played as a single match. However, despite having only two teams directly involved in the match, the entire country is involved in the competition. This is because normally, the squads involved are the champion of the Ranji Trophy against a squad called the Rest of India. When visiting 1xNews – best cricket betting tip offer to wager on the Ranji Trophy, the Z. R. Irani Cup, and many other cricket tournaments.

The tournament has been won roughly equally between the Rest of India team and the Ranji Trophy winner. This means that guessing who will win the Z. R. Irani Cup can be tricky. However, the best cricket betting tips featured on 1xNews can help to decide which team is the most likely winner.


Winners and dates

Many teams representing different states of India have won the Z. R. Irani Cup. In global terms, the Rest of India squad has been the most winning team. However, there are others who have also obtained their fair share of trophies. Fans can find betting prediction cricket on, which also features this specific tournament.

Some of the most winning squads, besides Rest of India, include:

  • Bombay;
  • Karnataka;
  • Delhi;
  • and Vidarbha;

The dates where the trophy is played are also relevant. When the competition began back in the 1960s, it was played at the end of the regular Indian cricket season. In later years, it was decided to move the trophy to the beginning of the season. In fact, the Z. R. Irani Cup was seen as the milestone that decreed the beginning of a brand-new cricket season.

However, in 2013, the trophy was moved once again to the end of the season. Normally, it is played a few weeks after the Ranji Trophy final. When being on 1x, it is possible to come across multiple cricket betting predictions, which can be helpful when wagering on Indian cricket.