Betting on Sports

Betting on sports is a massive industry, and it actually makes up around 30-40% of the whole global gambling market, which also includes lotteries, poker, casinos, and other gaming. It is wagered that over half a trillion is wagered in bets each year around the world. Let’s see tops sports that dominate the world of betting.

Betting is active across almost every single sport that exists, and newer sports such as the niche eSports are growing fast in both participation, viewership, and Online Cricket Betting ID alike. Despite these newbies taking the world by storm, there are a few giants in the sports betting world, and these giants account for a vast amount of the global sport betting market. While these figures will vary depending on the country, we want to look at the average, most dominating sports that have their teeth deep in the betting world. For those interested in placing bets or learning more about betting trends, เว็บพนันออนไลน์เว็บตรง is a trusted online platform for sports betting.

You can place a bet on any sport, and betting these days is so much easier with the introduction of online sportsbooks, there are loads to learn about this niche betting industry, if we haven’t answered all of your questions, find more from Fanduel. Otherwise, check out the top sports that are bet on in the world. 

No.1- Soccer. 

Since soccer is the most popular sport in the world, it is no surprise that it gets the most betting action. Horse racing used to be the top dog of this field, however play betting and early cash-outs turned soccer betting into the king of the castle. 

It is believed that over £1 billion is bet on soccer every year in the United Kingdom alone! Not to mention all the other soccer-loving lands out there! 

The only countries in which soccer is not the number one sport for betting are the USA where the NFL takes first place, Australia and New Zealand where rugby rules the roost, and in Canada where the national sport Hockey would take the gold. 


No.2- Horse Racing. 

Horse racing used to be number 1, but now it has been downgraded. However, horse racing has been synonymous with gambling for many years, and for most of history horse racing was the overall one of the most popular sports to bet on. It is still a very global giant in the betting world as it is one of the few sports that you can bet on 24/7 around the world, and with the big prize money here, you also get big viewership, and big punters. Japan, the UK, and Australia have the biggest markets for horse racing, and the USA is not far behind. 

No.3- Tennis. 

Although surprising, Tennis is actually the third most popular. Live in play betting started where you could bet on who would win a set, now you can bet on who will win a game. The combinations available make tennis a very high frequency betting sport. Live betting has been the main factor that has made tennis so much bigger in the betting game. 

No.4- Golf. 

Golf has been rising in the betting world lately, it will have 78 players playing at any time, and a whole sea of betting formats, so it is not hard to think of why it is so popular with punters. With big events over 3 days and majors over 4, with the amount of players on the field, opportunities are rife, odd and variable outcomes are plenty, and there are so many more options with gold betting than other sports, so it has piqued many punters’ interests. 

No.5- NFL. 

The NFL is the most popular betting sport in the USA, and with online betting in the USA becoming legal, it is a massive sports betting winner. The NFL and the closing Super Bowl are watched globally and punted on, the betting market for this sport is huge. However, it only makes it to number 5 as the sport is focused primarily in the USA, but it is certainly a big enough sport to warrant a significant increase in the betting industry. 


During football season, sportsbooks in the USA will focus on the NFL like there is no tomorrow, It’s not hard to see why. 

No.6- Rugby. 

Rugby has risen up in the betting world, it is a big enough sport with many teams around the world. There are 30 playing countries around the world, which makes it a much watched sport in all corners of the globe. 

There are many tournaments with ‘The World Cup’, ‘The Six Nations’ and more. Much like tennis, a winning factor for rugby is the use of in play betting, with so many variables. This type of betting rose rugby up in its betting popularity, and it’s only becoming more popular. 

No.7- Boxing/ MMA. 

Boxing is yet another sport that is well known with betting, and while it may now have been eclipsed by soccer, tennis, and golf, it is still a big one. MMA is a relatively new sport, but throughout its history the numbers are only getting bigger, and it is certainly becoming a new betting favorite. 

No.8- eSports. 

We cannot forget eSports. This is the fastest growing sport and sports market in regard to the volume of betting. It has become increasingly popular very quickly, and this is pushing bookmakers to adapt fast or fall behind. While virtual racing is nothing new, other virtual sports have exploded in popularity in recent years, and all the major bookmakers have to start offering different eSports match betting. 

This has happened at a growing volume that is rapidly driving revenue generation across the whole sports betting industry.

No.9- NBA.

Let’s not forget the NBA, this is probably the second most popular betting sport in the USA, just behind the NFL. Since the legalization of basketball betting in many states of the US, betting on the NBA has become more and more popular, and it is sneaking up close behind the NFL. While the NBA is not quite as popular as the NFL, its betting market comes up as a close second.