The Caribbean is another part of the world where cricket is an extremely popular sport. For example, the West Indies squad is located precisely in this region. Currently, online betting is available on, and it offers its members the chance to wager on all cricket matches.- Jamaica Scorpions

But of course, in the Caribbean there is much more cricket than just the one offered by the West Indies team. The Jamaican national cricket team is another squad from this part of the world that also plays in some highly competitive competitions.

This squad is also known as the Jamaica Scorpions, and for many years, it has been playing first-class cricket. The squad participates in numerous friendly matches, and also in the West Indies domestic championships. The chance to make online betting on this squad is available on the 1xBet website, which features all its matches.

History of the team

The first instance where a national cricket squad composed of Jamaican players occurred in 1895. Back then, an English squad had organized a tour of the Caribbean. Cricket followers can bet live on on all the matches played by these teams.

However, during most of the 20th century, the Jamaican team was disconnected from the rest of the cricket world. The biggest reason for that was that it was physically distant from Europe, Asia and Oceania. Those were the other places where cricket was played in a highly competitive manner at the moment.

In 1964 a huge change took place. From that year onwards, the Jamaican scorpions were able to start playing first-class cricket. This finally integrated the squad into the rest of the cricket world. They put up some impressive performances, winning titles in first-class and One-Day International formats. This made Jamaica a highly competitive team, and for this reason, to bet live on the 1xBet website on the scorpions can be a great idea.


Notable players

Those impressive performances put up by the Jamaican squad can be attributed to some excellent players that the team has had. For this reason, whenever this team is on the field, make sure to visit and explore all the betting options. Some of the players who have taken part on the squad include:

  • Gerry Alexander;
  • Michael Holding;
  • Lawrence Rowe;
  • and Marlon Samuels.

All of them have participated on the Jamaican Scorpions squad during different moments of its history. They have made some great contributions to the squad. As more talents continuously emerge from that country, betting on the scorpions on 1xBet can be a winning choice.