Why not combine your passions for poker and Africa by traveling to the following locations?

One of the most played casino games worldwide, outside of Europe and the United States, is Texas Hold ‘Em. Businessmen in Zimbabwe, professors in Fiji, butchers in Argentina, and countless others around the world play the traditional card game either by visiting land-based casinos or playing online on one of the finest sites from those rated at

Africa is one continent where poker is becoming more and more popular. Poker enthusiasts found the continent to be largely uninhabitable until a few decades ago. The regulations governing poker and gambling have been reduced in several African nations as a result of increasingly liberal laws across the continent.

While there are many locations where playing cards is against the law, there are numerous fantastic poker locations in Africa that you really must visit. Why not combine your passions for poker and Africa by traveling to the following locations?

Montecasino (Johannesburg, South Africa)

When it pertains to poker in Africa, South Africa and Morocco are currently really leading the way. You could argue that the former offers the best poker room, while the latter has the most options. If you want to play poker, you could do much worse than going to Johannesburg. If you are searching for a warm welcoming from the local residents and the ideal fusion of culture, history, art, and weather, this city is among the greatest in South Africa. Additionally, you can go to what is recognized as the premier casino in both South Africa and the entire continent.

The 26-hectare recreational complex known as Montecasino, which first opened its doors in 2000, successfully achieves its goal of emulating a medieval Tuscan village. You enter the main entrance of Montecasino after gazing in awe at the building’s facade and notice the painted sky ceiling.


In addition to the enormous gambling area, Montecasino has one of the largest purpose-built theaters in Africa, which frequently hosts some of the top performers in the entertainment industry.

Naturally, there is also poker. Given South Africa’s size, it should come as no surprise that the majority of the continent’s top professional poker players are from there. The majority of them enjoy going to Montecasino to participate in the several tournaments that are held there year-round, with Texas Hold ‘Em serving as the most well-liked game among players.

Gambling laws in South Africa

South Africa allows legal casino gambling and even some types of sports betting, but all forms of online gambling are outright illegal. The South African government actively pursues cases involving online gambling, in contrast to other African nations.

Casino de Marrakech (Marrakech, Morocco)

The Casino de Marrakech, an amazing jewel, was the very first casino to formally open in Morocco about 70 years ago (really, in 1952). This casino, which is next to the Es Saadi Hotel, Palace, and Villas, has a sense of history and heritage that belies its youth.

The resort’s inside is spacious, modern, and filled with all the typical accouterments you would expect with the finest casinos in Las Vegas and Macau. A lover of poker and slot machines will be in heaven at the Casino de Marrakech.

Numerous slots are available, however, there are also regularly held, well-known poker events that draw gamers from around the globe. Casino de Marrakech has hosted WSOP Circuits, WPT Main Events, and World Poker Tour Nationals.


In addition, Morocco is a wonderful place to travel to, bursting with exoticism, unmatched beautiful landscapes, and unique culture.

Gambling laws in Morocco

Although being a Muslim country, Morocco allows gambling and offers seven physical casinos as well as internet gambling.

Casino Flamingo (Nairobi, Kenya)

Among the best nations in Africa to visit is precisely Kenya, which offers breathtaking scenery, incredible natural beauty, and delectable food practically everywhere. Fortunately, it is also a fantastic destination if you enjoy gambling.

You should go to Casino Flamingo in particular because it is the largest and possibly the best casino in the nation. It debuted in 2014. Even if you are playing low-stakes poker, the establishment takes pride in its professionalism and high standards of customer service, which will make you feel king-sized.

Ornate furniture contributes to the interior’s traditional and historical appearance, which gives gamers a sense of opulence. Although this casino’s gambling options are not as vast as those of other casinos, they are of the highest caliber.

The best spot to play poker against opponents of all levels of skill is Casino Flamingo, where the atmosphere is casual and pleasant. A few prestigious national tournaments are held at the location on a seasonal basis throughout the year, offering fantastic chances to win a lot of money.

Gambling laws in Kenya

Kenya had a fairly contemporary approach to the gambling sector since it was one of the very first nations in Africa to legalize gambling. The legal framework has been updated in the last ten years to permit online gambling, which is now not only permitted but also licensed by the nation’s national regulatory authority, similar to the UKGC in the United Kingdom.