Betting is exciting and interesting for all types of sports, but there are some specific sports which are admittedly more attractive to bettors. These sports are typically faster paced, more dynamic and more unpredictable, making punters battling with the volatility as they struggle to make more accurate predictions and place their wagers consistently to what they expect to happen. 

Basketball is one of those sports where bettors not only have fun while watching a game and betting on it, but they also find it quite challenging the fact that it is really fluid and everything can change in a split second. This is frankly what makes NBA betting one of the most popular markets for bettors all across the world. And this is also why NBA betting in the Philippines sits at the top punters’ rankings. 

From a revenue perspective, NBA betting is in the top three positions of sports betting markets. But what is interesting is that a considerably large portion of those bets concerns prop bets. 

What are prop bets?

Prop bets are wagers on outcomes or events that are not linked to the final result. So, prop betting is like betting on other things that might happen during a game, besides typical moneyline, points spread, over/unders and so on. 

Why are prop bets so popular?

Prop bets have emerged into some of the most popular wagers in NBA (and in other sports as well) because they give bettors the chance to engage more with a game and turn everything that can happen during a game into an event that can be wagered. 


Prop betting goes beyond the mainstream markets. It can be about players, teams, games or even non-game related events

In fact it can be about anything that goes on in the court- from the method of first basket to the first basket scorer and from the number of three pointers in a game to the number of rebounds a player will make. As you can see, nearly everything can be the object of a wager in NBA games and the truth is that this adds much more fun and excitement to the NBA fans. 

So, what makes prop betting so popular is the fact that it offers unique opportunities for making a single game more engaging and more interesting for those who want action side by side with viewership! With prop betting, punters get to test their betting skills and their analytical capabilities, while watching a game that they can break down into small bits and predict their outcomes. 

With prop betting, you are not so much concerned over how the game is going to end. As a fan you are concerned, but as a bettor it doesn’t matter to you. What matters is those smaller things within the game over which you have made your predictions and you have wagered on. 

Think for example a game between the New York Knicks and Miami Heat, which is a reasonably challenging match up. You don’t want to bet on the moneyline just as you don’t want to bet on totals because you are quite uncertain and you don’t feel confident. 


But you really believe that Bam Adebayo will be the first basket scorer because he’s been doing a great job lately and has a favorable stat record. So, you bet on Adebayo to be the first scorer of the game. It doesn’t even matter whether the Heats defeat the Knicks in the end. Or if Adebayo will score certain points in the entire game. All it matters to you is whether he will be able to score first. 

Now, just think of bets like that on Adebayo, being nearly available for every player and for every stat relevant to the players -from rebounds and assists to steals and blocks. And more to it, just think that such bets can be not only about players, but about teams! Now, it gets bigger. Such bets can also be about games! Frankly the possibilities are so many that you’ll never get bored with prop betting in the NBA!