The next time you decide to search “pokiewins” you might want to consider some of the following myths. To avoid letting them influence the way you play and lose money as a result. 

Instead, you should aim to stay in control and logical when playing slots, just as with every other type of gambling. There is plenty of misinformation and fallacies surround them. Moreover, although they are based on luck, there are still right and wrong things you can do. 

Using Betting Strategies 

Many players believe that using betting systems like the Martingale will help them win slots as well. For example, using the Martingale system, a player would make a bet, and if they win continue with the same bet. However, when they lose, they would double their bet on the next spin. It’s easy to see how this can get out of hand when playing slots.

Firstly, the Martingale and other progressive betting strategies are better suited to even money bets in roulette or baccarat. Where the possibility of recouping former losses is much higher than while playing slots. 

In the long run, applying this kind of strategy to slot games has the potential to cause you to lose much more than you could win.

Slots Pay Out Better at Certain Times of the Day

Hopeful players will do anything to believe that they can control the situation to work in their favor. Therefore believing that playing at certain times is best is a common myth. Of course, it’s possible that this idea also comes from the fact that more players tend to win at night. But that’s only because more people are playing at that time. And as we all know the busier the casino, the more money is being paid out as well.


Slot games are programmed with Random Number Generators, which do not have the ability to pay out more at certain times. This would go against regulations and neither serve the casino or the players in any way.

That You Can Be “Good” at Playing Slots

In another attempt to maintain a sense of control, players like to think that you can master the art of playing slot games. However, since these games are purely based on luck, that simply isn’t possible. 

Unlike poker, and even blackjack, slots do not really have any element of skill involved. You only need to push a button to get the reels spinning, the rest of up to chance. However, there is one thing you can be good at. And that’s spotting the best games to play. This is something you can improve, by looking at things like in-game features, pay tables and Return to Player rates before deciding which game to play.


Knowing more about how slots operate and pay out will go a long way in helping you choose a winning game. Part of this is understand what’s true and what’s not about playing them. In addition to maintaining realistic expectations.