If you’re planning to hire an escort for the first time, it would be safe to say that your excitement much be reaching heights. It is also highly likely that you are feeling a little nervous before you meet with an extremely attractive and charming woman.  

While it is perfectly okay to be nervous the first time, there are a few things you can do to make your sexual encounter even more fun and exciting. This post explores some of the fun ways by which you can boost your sexual life with an escort, and spice things up. Keep reading to find out! 

Try Engaging in Fun Roleplays  

If you’re getting the opportunity to spend a whole night with an escort, you wouldn’t want to waste it on regular and mundane sex that you can find anywhere. Instead, what you need to do is spice up the sex with kinky and fiery roleplay ideas to satisfy all your fantasies. 

Listcrawler Denver has escorts that never disappoint when it comes to roleplays. You can try out certain roleplay acts such as the Professor and the student, gym teacher and trainee, the sexy doctor and the patient, boss and employee, or any fantasies that you have been dreaming of, for that matter.  

Indulge and Try Out Sensual Massages  

Another fun way of making your sex even better is by asking a professional escort to provide an erotic and sexual massage for you just before getting into bed. Sensual massages before sex have unbelievable benefits that you might not even know of. Besides just acting as excellent foreplay, erotic massages have a wide range of health benefits as well, some of which are stated below. 

They Improve Your Sex Drive  


Before getting into bed, a relaxing and arousing sex massage can help increase your sexual libido, and can also increase your chances of early erection. Since sexual massages help blood circulate to various erogenous zones of the body, they also help in getting rid of certain sexual issues, erectile dysfunction being one of them.  

Help Blood Flow in the Body  

Relaxing and sexually inducing massages focus on the erogenous zones of the body, and help increase blood circulation throughout. This is why it is always a good idea to receive a happy-ending massage before sex with an escort since they are extremely professional and trained in such tasks.  

These Massages Are Extremely Relaxing  

Who wouldn’t love to get aroused by a hot and feisty lady who makes you feel like you’re in heaven? While there are a ton of health benefits of such massages, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get them just for the sake of pleasure and a great way to boost up the sex that leads afterward.  

Be Confident in Yourself  

While we understand that your first time with an escort can be an intimidating experience, it is important to be confident during the meeting. While you do not have to pretend about anything, just keep in mind to act reserved, and make sure that you’re being polite and friendly with an escort. 

This will help make a good impression in front of the escort, which will help her feel more comfortable around you. Make sure to not do anything that makes your escort uncomfortable, or otherwise, she might not agree to spend another night with you.  

Try Foreplay Activities Before The Sex Bit

They say that foreplay is the best form of intimacy, and there is no way we would disagree. There are tons of foreplay acts that you can try out with a call girl, before jumping straight to intercourse. After all, who in their right state of mind would miss the opportunity to explore their kinks with an insanely stunning escort who does everything she’s told to do? 


You can try getting the mood right for the night, by using erotic and sensual stuff such as scented candles, dim lighting, deep white satin sheets, and LED lights, and there’s no way your escort wouldn’t get turned on by the ambiance of the room. You can even try fun activities like blindfolding each other or stripping each other off to add even more excitement to the game.  

Share Your Kinks with Her  

If you’ve always felt weird or ashamed of sharing or talking about your kinks with women, this might be your golden ticket to try them out! Escorts at Denver Listcrawler are extremely professional and trained, and they would never judge you for your kinks, no matter how “weird” or “strange” they might be.  

So be it masochism, sadism, or any sort of wild fetish you have, you can always try them out without getting embarrassed, that too by the hands of a seductive and stunning escort! 

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