Who is Little Caprice VR?

Little Caprice VR (real name Marketa Stroblova) is a Czech pornstar born in 1988 in Prague. Early on, she worked as a mainstream model, landing a few different jobs that got her career started. From there she started doing nude and sexy photoshoots (think lingerie or skimpy swimwear) and that let the petite beauty into the adult world. 

Always a person who has taken things into her own hands, Little Caprice has a DIY attitude that saw her start to shoot her own adult material when she turned 19. She posted it online and sent it out to casting agents. Her career in the adult entertainment business took off shortly after when she began landing a lot of modeling gigs and then starred in some videos. 

Not a person to rest on her laurels, she knew she needed to control her image if she wanted long-term success, so she created a company, began building her own sites, producing and directing her own content, and even producing and directing videos that she is not in. She has won numerous awards and still continues to be a force in the industry.

On the Cutting Edge

Caprice has always been someone who embraces new technology. She quickly adopted using social media as a means of keeping in touch with her fans and she was one of the first adult stars to have her own blog. As virtual reality emerged, Caprice couldn’t wait to incorporate it into her work and sex life! Little Caprice VR scenes are something that her fans will never forget and people new to her work will fall in love with. Her passion and enjoyment along with her good looks create an erotic, award-winning experience. 


Virtual reality, in general, has revolutionized the adult entertainment industry. The birth and improvement of this technology has allowed content producers to create vivid, immersive experiences for their users. The early days of VR in adult came in the form of taking existing videos and changing the format so they will work with VR viewers. It didn’t take long, however, for the technology to improve. With HD video (in some cases even 4K resolution) and incredible audio, the overall quality of the scenes has improved greatly. Perhaps the biggest change is how producers and performers have adapted to the technology. Little caprice porn now has the gear and knowledge to shoot scenes that focus the action on the person wearing the VR viewer. No longer are you just a spectator, you are now right in the middle of the action.

Is Little Caprice the Future?

The adult entertainment industry has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. While the subscription service of member sites continues to do well, live cams have become one of the biggest sectors of the industry. Live camming allows stars like Little Caprice to take their careers into their own hands. They can broadcast themselves whenever from wherever and they have complete control over what type of content they create and how it is distributed. 

Virtual reality only helps to enhance those options. Solo models can now connect directly to their viewers via VR, providing a one-on-one experience you can’t get anywhere else. There are companies designing sex toys that sync with videos/live shows and react to the action from the movie. This will allow you to touch, hear, see, and communicate with the model as if you were right there with her.


SexLikeReal is working with models like Little Caprice and others as well as with VR content producers to put together a site that offers thousands of VR videos and live shows all in one app. Now you can take full advantage of VR all on one site.

Little Caprice has shown many models how they can start on their own, rise to success, and then use modern technology to control every aspect of their careers.