Jake Paul took Ben Askren on the ferocious first round only as he knocked him down in the obliteration. Their fight time was hardly two minutes. Jake kept his word as he had said that he is here to win and nothing else.

Ben Askren survived only seconds in the ring with Jake Paul

Ben Askren, a celebrated MMA personality, gave some good jabs to Paul initially in the fight. Then things went against Ben.

Jake Paul is now 24 years old. He had determined to hunt the head down from the beginning of the fight. Paul threw big shots destroying Askren with his ferocious right-hand connect. Ben was down in the initial downs, and that was minutes from the time they started. There were still 1:18 minutes remaining for the first round to end.

Snoop was calling out to finish Ben while he was announcing. Askren did not lose his hope. He intended to continue while stumbling in instability. His age is 36 years old. The referee did not allow him to go on with the fight looking at his condition. He said that Ben was too perplexed to continue the fight.

Jake Paul Overwhelmed after his win

Jake was overwhelmed post the fight win. He was on his knees crying in amazement in the ring. Then he was up and went on to do several push-ups to convey that he has the stamina to continue the fight.


Snoop Dogg talked to Jake Paul post-fight, congratulating him. He said to Paul that he is tremendously good, complimenting him with his usual humorous slang lingo.

Paul said that he achieved as he promised to beat Askren in the first round itself. He claimed that he is a real champion.

Dana White, UFC president, denied betting with Snoop

Snoop was betting with Dana White on Jake with worth USD 2 million in the fight. Naturally, it makes Snoop happy that the fighter took the match.

Snoop was asking for his bet money from the UFC president in a public broadcast.

Dana, although, did not accept that he was betting with the American rapper.

Jake Paul became a 3-0 pro fighter after this win. He knocked out previously Nate Robinson, who is a famous NBA star. Fans have to wait to see who is the next fighter he takes on.

Triller Fightclub put up a starry show

Triller had organized quite an entertaining event. Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, the Band Black Keys, Too Short, Diplo, Sweetie, and many more performed at the event. Mario Lopez, Pete Davidson hosted the event, and it is a grand show.