Nobody likes to play golf in the rain. The water running down your neck and the effect it has on your swing would be enough to put you off adverse weather forever. However, if you are stuck with nothing to do on a wet weekend because of the weather, it can be frustrating, especially if you have been looking forward to teeing off all week. It makes you want to do something exciting, exhilarating, and something that can involve your buddies too.

If you are looking for a great alternative to playing golf, why not try your luck at online casinos? There are some great ones to choose from and they will keep you entertained for hours. You may not be able to step outside the door without getting soaked but if you play at an online casino, you will feel as if you are in the middle of Las Vegas. Not bad for a wet weekend. 

Throw a Casino Games Party

Throwing a casino games party is so much fun that you will soon forget about how bad the weather is and enjoy hanging out with your golf buddies to play casino games instead. There are lots of websites to choose from but luckily Online Casinos have taken the time to review all the best ones for you and you can take your pick from your favourites. Get some beers and snacks in too and have some fun. 

Watch the Competition

You can learn a lot about people by watching how they play online casinos. For example, do they stay calm or get agitated when losing? Do they think strategically, and how long does it take them to have a turn?  By observing this, you can see how they are likely to react on the golf course too, which means that you will be better aware of how to play against them. They probably exhibit these character traits on the golf course too but if you are caught up in your own game or have been distracted by other things around you often you will miss how a person’s character affects their game. 

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Party Games

Party games are a great way of bonding while playing casino games with your buddies. You could decide that whoever loses has to pay a forfeit. This can be anything from downing the rest of their beer to missing a shot next time you play golf. The more beer you drink, the sillier your forfeits will get but that is all part of the fun. 

Playing Alone

If it is so wet that your golf buddies don’t want to go outside, then don’t despair. Playing online casino games can be a great way to pass the time and relax when you are alone too. The great thing about playing online is that you don’t have to get dressed up. In fact, you don’t have to get dressed at all. You can sit in your pyjamas all day whilst playing and snuggling up on the sofa with a large mug of cocoa. The weather might be horrible outside but at least you don’t have to go anywhere. 


Playing casino games when it is too wet to play golf is a great form of escapism. Technology and graphics are so advanced these days that you can log on to a casino games website and let yourself believe that you are actually playing in the famous casino cities of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo rather than sitting on your sofa in your pyjamas. If the thought of being in exotic sophisticated locations doesn’t relax you, what will?

Learn Something New

If not being able to practise your skills on the golf course leaves you feeling frustrated, then why not learn some new ones instead? If you have never played casino games before, this could be a great time to learn. There are a lot of online videos showing you how to play different types of poker and a rainy day is a great time to pick up some pointers. Who knows, you might be playing like a pro by the end of the day with a bit of practise and some dedication. Then you can impress your friends as you put your new skills to the test. 


Keep Your Mind Active

If learning poker seems a bit hard to you when you just wanted to relax and take it easy there are other fabulous online casino games that will keep your mind active without giving you too much to think about. Bingo is a great game to play online. You just need to match up the numbers on your sheet as they are called out. This is a fast-action game, and you need to be able to keep up with the caller. It will help you relax and take your mind off your weather frustrations. However, there is not a lot to think about and it isn’t hard work which may make it more relaxing than learning poker. 

Plan Your Next Round of Golf

Planning your next round of golf could be fun. You could simply reschedule that one you had to cancel because of the weather, or you could plan something more elaborate. There are many golf resorts that you could spend a couple of days at, so if you fancy a short break with your golfing pals, this may be a brilliant time to organise it. You could stay relatively local or fly off to a European or American golf course you have always wanted to play on. Many golf locations can be found in casino resorts so if you want to combine your two favourite hobbies, it will be easy to arrange. Who knows, you may even get lucky and win the money to pay for your trip online. 

Don’t be too disheartened if the weather is too wet to play golf. Try one of these ten fun online casino activities instead and before you know it the sun will be shining again, and you will be back on the golf course.