How sports are changing with technology

There are a lot of words that we have been hearing for more than thirty years, but it is now that they are becoming a reality. Meta verse, Vivante senior living and Artificial Intelligence are more tangible than ever nowadays. How sports are changing ?

Not only the hardware is more capable, but it’s also the software and connectivity that are taking us, humans, to a new level. These new tech trends have impacted our lives in ways never seen before and it’s also creating new ways of entertainment such as Cable TV making some of the previous options a bit less relevant.

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E-sports are growing exponentially and while we are not sure if the word sports belong there, it’s not up to us to discredit a business that generates millions of dollars a year. 

Real sports are no stranger to these enhancements and even good old soccer is using technology to review plays that may have passed as well some years ago. 

Not only new technologies are being applied to existing games, but new games altogether are arising because of new technologies. 

In this article we will discuss some of the most creative sports and how technology has pushed our entertainment to a new level. 

Drone soccer- sports are changing 

It’s a mixture of American football and soccer. The game is played with drones and, one of the devices becomes the “forward” drone that needs to make it all the way to their opponent’s base. 


The game is played between three and five players, and the rest of the players who are not the “forward” drone need to either protect the “forward” drone or take it down to avoid it from scoring. 

The game started in South Korea and it is starting the develop a huge fanbase up to the point where it’s beginning to be played in many other countries. 

The game is quite unique and very compelling to kids and adults. Seeing the devices hover around the arena delivers a great show for everyone. 

RoboCup- sports are changing 

This has nothing to do with the avenger slow paced violent robot from the ‘80s. It’s just a resemblance of a name. 

RoboCup is a world cup of robot soccer that started back in 1997, and it’s a project where engineers are trying to develop more and more intelligent little robots to play soccer, communicate with their teammates and understand the rules of the game (and hit the ball as well). 

We must admit that while the game is not as fast or as exciting as real soccer, it’s definitely cute to see those little robots try to find their way around their little soccer field. 

We wonder how far this sport will go. It’s sweet to see the little robots, but imagine how impressive may be to make them full size! 

Drone racing- sports are changing 

Now this one is fascinating. They have their own league, called the Drone Racing League (DRL) and these flying machines are quite different from the ones used to film or take pictures. 

They are designed to race, and they can go as fast as 170 km/h. Their acceleration is beyond what you can see in sport cars, and they even have an autonomous drone racing league that uses artificial intelligence to race without a drone pilot.


They usually race over stadiums and warehouses. Usually, along with leading lights enhancing the experience, these fast-flying bugs always deliver a great show. 

While it is more of a niche hobby, pilots usually record the views straight from the drones and it is very exciting to see how fast and how the sense of speed is boosted by these machines being so tiny. 


So, to be honest, we don’t know how much of a sport can any of these new ways of entertainment be. But the same could be said for chess or even car racing. What matters is that all these are entertaining, at least. 

It’s always fascinating when technology finds new ways to entertain us. What started as recreational devices, enthusiasts found a way to make them compete. Competition seems to be in our DNA. If there’s a device that can be modified to run faster or compete in any possible way, we will make it suffer. 

Sports is all about proving ourselves to be the best in something, and if there’s anyone proving themselves there will be a crowd watching and ready to enjoy the show. It has always been like that and always be. 

Fortunately, now technologies help bring people together by giving birth to new and creative sports or even by allowing these disciplines be transmitted over the internet straight into our living rooms.