The undeniable success of the gaming industry, which includes casino games and sports betting, has contributed to a wide variety of people becoming fans of these types of activities.

This, of course, includes numerous celebrities. In fact, the world of casino games has been of great interest to top sportsmen for many years, and some of the biggest stars in this field are also known for their enormous love of gambling… And for their winning skills. There is a bit of everything: basketball players, footballers, golf champions… So below we’ll do a little overview of the most famous athletes who play at land and online casinos, including new casinos Australia, and succeed.

Neymar Jr. 

Today, few people don’t know that the Brazilian star of world soccer is a great poker fan. His love for this game began during a trip to the United States when Neymar took the opportunity to visit Las Vegas. In fact, the passion he has developed for poker has been such that he even hired a private teacher to teach him all the ins and outs of the game. Nowadays, it is common to find him participating in different tournaments. In addition, he plays every day and assures that, once he retires from soccer, he plans to become a professional poker player. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

This boxer, a world champion in five different categories, is also an excellent poker player who does not hide his great hobby. In the world of gambling, he is known for his huge bets, which can often reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, he is used to playing in online casinos. The figures he has won so far are quite high, which makes him a true champion of this activity. 


Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, who is undoubtedly one of the NBA’s greatest stars, is also a great fan of gambling tables, especially those where poker games are played. Barkley, the holder of two Olympic gold medals, is also known to be an excellent strategist when it comes to playing cards. 

Lebron James 

Without leaving the NBA, we find other well-known players who are also fond of casino games. The Lakers forward are so enthusiastic about the world of gaming that, in 2007, he even built a private casino at home. Apparently, Lebron James’ favorite game is blackjack, although he does not dislike other modalities. 

Gerard Piqué 

The F.C. Barcelona champion is famous on and off the field, both for his prowess with the ball and for some scandals in his personal life and for his business activities. But he is also well known for being an excellent card player. In fact, he is one of the soccer players who is most often seen in tournaments and who has won the most money through this game. Michael Phelps The Olympic champion, known as the Baltimore shark, is also another of those world sports stars who are fond of casino games. As is often the case, his specialty is poker, and it is said that the winnings he has obtained in some of the most important casinos in Las Vegas are quite high.