COVID-19 is a challenge that has hit the entire face of the earth. The pandemic has posed a major threat to humanity, in addition to largely affecting business and livelihoods. Read on to find about the covid-19 impact on online casino gaming. Many countries have been on lockdown for several months, and as more and more people find themselves stuck in their homes, a majority have opted to enjoy some online activity, with online casino gaming becoming a top priority. As many countries urging residents to avoid any form of gathering (whether big or small), most day-to-day activities are moving to the online platform. If we talk about the impact on online casino gaming. A recent study conducted showed that, in the past month alone, there has been a 225% increase in the number of people joining the industry, for the very first time. Now that many people working from home have lots of free time (no long hours on the road), many have opted to utilise it by playing video games, and to be precise, online video games gambling. This is one of the reasons why there has been a sharp increase in the number of online casino gamers. Even as countries continue with lockdown, the impact on online casino gaming has been going on uninterrupted.

Online Casinos Will Continue to Thrive During This Pandemic

Online gambling sites have continued to reap millions in profits, as more and more people remain stuck in their homes, due to the ravaging virus. Online casinos are among the few industries that have remained stable, and profitable despite the effects of this pandemic. For example, in a country like Italy where the disease has wreck serious havoc, Online poker rooms have gained a massive boost, and the current traffic on this sites is the highest they have witnessed in about five years. With the Corona Virus expected to stick around for much longer, it’s evident that many online casinos will continue experiencing a positive change, especially in their profits, and client base.

Online Casinos Will ContinueOnline Casinos Vs Sports Soccer Betting During Lockdown

Sports betting is an equally large industry. However, considering that sporting events are outdoor activities that mostly thrive where there are huge crowds, it is an industry that has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Most major sporting events have had to cancel or postpone. The result has been a lack of gaming events, which has eventually affected the sports betting industry. With limited chances, sports betting enthusiasts have had to adjust, and shift to online casinos. In UK, for example, football and horse racing make up 75% of the UK sports betting market – but both are currently suspended. Betting websites like are still offering sign up offers and free bets, but UK bookmakers are running markets on the few remaining sports events still going ahead.

Online Gambling Offers New Opportunities

Not all countries allow online casino gaming. In fact, in a country like America, only a handful of states allow online casino gambling, but many more allow sports betting. There is a great possibility that the lockdown that has been brought about by the coronavirus shutdown could encourage lawmakers to consider lifting the ban on online casinos. This will counter the effects that have led to the closure of many brick-and-mortar casino establishments.


The coronavirus has turned things around for most sectors around the world, and many have lost jobs as a result. As many industries continue to feel the pinch brought about by the devastating effects of this disease, online casino gaming continues to stabilize. This industry has reaped huge profits than any other online market. If you are out there and are looking for a way to kill your free time, while at the same time getting some cool profits, this is the right time to join.