Basketball is a huge industry not just in the United States but across the entire planet, popular with young and old alike. The NBA alone generates approximately $9 billion a year, with so many industries local and multinational companies benefiting from the sport also. Online Cricket Betting ID on sports goes hand in hand with watching the sport that you enjoy. It adds an extra thrill to any sport, for many, it is not just about winning money but for many people, it is a full-time job and if you are well informed and do the correct research it can be a lucrative money maker.In this article we will be helping you regarding the Common Betting Mistakes Made on Basketball.

As with any betting, it can have its ups and downs and should be done responsibly. Betting on basketball has so many options to gamble. College basketball and the NBA are the most popular to bet on. Betting on the winning team outright is how most people prefer to gamble on the game but for many, they like to make it more interesting by placing bets on the winning margin. This is called “Point Spread” this helps to increase the odds and a better return for the gambler. NBA odds and scores along with any fast-paced sport can change rapidly and you need to monitor the game in real-time, potentially placing more bets as the game unfolds.

You Should Not Always Believe the Media

This seems obvious these days to us all but when it comes to placing bets on a sporting team it is especially true. When the media is showing you highlights from games from a team that may have lost which you might be considering placing a bet on, don’t just watch the highlights. Watch a replay of the entire game and make informed choices from the game. Sometimes it is possible for a team to lose and still play well but the highlights don’t really reflect this in their programming.

The same applies to the printed press, sports pages are limited and the media doesn’t want to fill up space by telling us how good the loser may have been they want us to be excited about how good the winning team played. There are plenty of people who place bets with their knowledge only armed with highlights and newspaper sports pages, this is not a great way to place bets. The most successful gamblers look at the full games and make their own mind up with what they have seen in its entirety.

Make Sure You are Getting Reliable Statistics

Whether you are betting for fun or a serious gambler statistics is something that should be checked before placing any bet. Checking the form, the previous team’s history against the opponent, and the player’s current form is essential. The need for reliable statistics cannot be overstated, finding a good source can be difficult as many websites for example are not keeping their data up to date and are often inaccurate. For the owners of such sites, there is no legal responsibility to ensure that the information provided is correct and as a result, neglecting the data can have serious repercussions for bettors.

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A good source for statistics will provide the information of when the site or printing took place so you know how old the article or website is and when it was last updated. Ensure you are using real statistics and trends that have relevance to the game you are looking to bet on. Coincidental statistics are misleading; they are great for fans but not for anybody who wishes to make serious bets. Basketball gambling like any other has a wealth of information on players and teams available from the college leagues, the NBA, or even who is likely to play in the All-Stars games.

Not Checking the Line Up of the Team

Betting if it is to be done correctly requires knowledge, whether it is Pro Football or Soccer you should always be aware of the team that you are backing. The team that won last week may have suffered injuries or been affected by illness, especially now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and may have changed significantly since the last game. Apart from injuries or illness coaches like to rest players and use squad rotation to keep the team fresh and healthy. Although they are professional athletes they still need rest to ensure they are at the best of their game.

Always check the latest team player selections before placing a bet, this can have a huge impact on the result regardless of who you believe may win. This information is available on many sites and to ignore the importance of being up to date with this is a mistake that many gamblers make.

Don’t Gamble on too Many Games

One of the great things about sport betting for a hobby, fun, or income is there are so many matches and games across all sports on a daily basis, whether it is tennis, soccer, horse racing, athletics, or basketball you are never short of anything to bet on. Basketball with so many games in a season and the “March Madness” college basketball fixtures being daily it can be tempting to bet on a lot of games. It is fantastic having so many games to watch and bet on but you should exercise caution and not get carried away, even if you are on a winning streak be careful.


Choose the games wisely that you are betting on, the odds are set for a reason. If the favorite has good value then unless you have a good feeling, have done your research then this is probably the best option. But the underdog does win sometimes, this is why we enjoy betting so much, anything can happen in sports.

Try Not to Gamble With Your Heart

We all have a favorite team regardless of the sport and basketball is no exception, whether it is a college team, NBA team, or the All-Stars. Often the heart rules over the head and the statistics that are there to help predict the outcome of a game. It is great to follow your team but when it comes to gambling this is not a great strategy.

When you are considering which game to bet on there can be no loyalty or allegiance to any team. Following a team requires dedication and time, because of this you should be well aware of current results and team selection, don’t be tempted to just back on your favorite team because you hope they win the game. This strategy does not usually end well. Lots of gamblers avoid placing their bets on the team they follow because of blind loyalty. Some people also don’t place bets on their team because they believe it is bad luck, believe what you may but to take betting seriously loyalty has no place if you want to win, just don’t tell your friends that you backed the opposition, you may never hear the end of it.

Never Chase Your Losses

Losing is never a nice feeling in life but it can be very hard to overcome financial losses, getting over and losing your hard-earned money is not that easy to deal with. If you are on a losing streak you should know when to quit and reflect on where it went wrong. Don’t just keep backing more and more teams in the hope you can recoup the bets you lost, this is a bad idea.

The same applies to basketball betting as it does to casinos, you need to know when to walk away. Decide on a limit you can afford and are willing to lose (hopefully not) and stick to the plan you had. By continuing to keep chasing after the last loss it could become a very expensive night, which may come to regret. Of course, it is easier said than done but any successful gambler knows when to come back and fight again.


Gambling should be fun and profitable but expect losses if it was so easy to win we would all be rich. Do the research and don’t get carried away with success, who knows when the next loss is coming.