The online sportsbook business model this year is complex. It involves tons of security measures, numerous lines of code, servers, and so forth to be able to run at its most basic form. However, that doesn’t mean that opening up a sportsbook requires technical skills per se. You must wonder Can You Create a Profitable Online Sportsbook in 2021? Yes you can, read this.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can use their business skills to hire the talent behind the core and software of a sportsbook. We’ll get to all the nitty gritty details soon enough, but first here are a few key facts to make you understand what’s going on right now.

Sports Betting and Sportsbook Quick Facts

  • Legal betting in the US started expanding after the 2018 Supreme Court decision striking down the federal ban outside Nevada. 
  • Once this was done, New Jersey saw itself become the biggest online sports betting state, with about 80% of amounts wagered over time coming from sportsbook apps and websites.
  • Pennsylvania is forecasted to be next state that generates the most revenue from online sportsbook apps and websites. Not long ago, PA would rely on retail sportsbooks, but that trend started to change in May 2019, and it shows no time of downshifting soon.
  • It’s possible that land-based sports betting will go significantly lower even after the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Starting Out a Sportsbook

Probably the biggest obstacle in the entire process is the bureaucratic one rather than the business implementation aspects. You’re going to want to collaborate with a law firm so that you can get all the necessary documents laid down accordingly. 

You’ll need to learn a little about the aspects of a sportsbook software platform, choose a certain one, and how to properly implement certain principles that guarantee success. With that said, here are the few principles you’ll need to learn:

Choose a Software Platform and a Gambling License

First and foremost, the most important investment is the one made for the software and license. Those two elements are the starting point of any sportsbook. You don’t want to have an improperly-functioning website or get caught red-handed by the authorities and suffer the consequences.

So get yourself these two things and start your journey into creating a legitimate platform with all of the modern security features and upgrades one could want.

Make Transactions Easy

If you want to cover a larger number of jurisdictions, then it would be wise to offer bettors the advantage of paying with whatever currency they want. The software you’re relying on should cover this aspect to the utmost smallest detail. You might even want to implement the possibility for users to load their account with a certain currency and then extract their prize in a totally different one.

Be up to Date With Marketing Trends

As with all businesses, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy to succeed against your competitors. Of course, you need to build your strategy from the ground up depending on the type of sportsbook you want to create. Do remember that going for a certain niche can sometimes bring you more success than creating something for a wider audience.


Offer Enticing Bonuses

Don’t be greedy. Entice players to migrate to your website by offering impressive bonuses when compared to your competition. You’re going to have to invest a lot in the beginning until your website and app start gaining traction. That’s why we recommend only getting into this business if you can afford to invest millions of dollars right from the start. And don’t forget to always have an emergency backup stock.

Final Thoughts

We hope your questions have received an answer. We’ve tried explaining the process as easy as we can, but there are still a lot of details you’ll have to learn as you go. In any case, the platform provider and law firm should be your go-to sources of knowledge regarding this domain. With all of this said and done, we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!