Basketball is certainly one of the most popular sports within the United States and it has begun to enjoy international clout in recent times. This is also the reason why the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) boasts a loyal fan base.

Originally founded in 1986, the WNBA is associated with a host of talented players and a fair portion of these have already been drafted to foreign teams. While there is little doubt that the competitions themselves are a great deal of fun to watch, a growing number of fans choose to wager on an outcome in order to turn a tidy profit. Let’s take a quick look at some practical betting tips in order to get a better understanding of the “big picture”.

The Crucial Concept of the Spread

It can be argued that one of the most crucial notions to appreciate involves WNBA spreads. Spreads are simply the number of points that a team is favoured to win by. For instance, a 7-point spread will indicate that a specific team is expected to beat the underdog by seven points.

Note that some spreads are wider than others. Wide spreads are thought to be more risky by many WNBA wagering enthusiasts and yet, the profit margins are higher. Simply stated, choosing the appropriate spread will ultimately be based on your betting strategy as well as how familiar you are with a specific team.

The Most Popular WNBA Sports Betting Techniques

Now that we have briefly addressed spreads in relation to the WNBA, what options do you have when placing a wager? The good news is that these strategies are some of the very same which have been used within the NBA for decades. Let us examine three popular techniques.


Perhaps the most common wagering strategy is known as a moneyline bet. In this case, users will simply place a wager on which team is predicted to win. Favoured WNBA teams are illustrated by positive (+) odds while underdogs are denoted by a negative (-) symbol next to the spread. Many feel that moneyline bets are appropriate for those who might have only recently begun to follow the WNBA.

Parlay bets are yet another option to consider. Parlay bets are essentially a combination of multiple predictions within a single wager. For example, an individual may bet that a team will be up by a certain number of points by halftime and yet, lose the entire match. These bets are considered to be slightly more risky, as the entire wager will be lost if only a single prediction is incorrect. However, the potential winnings are also enhanced.

Finally, many WNBA betting strategies will take into account other variables such as team history and player injuries. All of these factors can have a massive impact upon an upcoming competition and they will often be used alongside the approaches outlined above.

WNBA sports betting is a popular pastime and while a bit of experience is required, there is little doubt that avid fans will enjoy what is in store.