As a nation, America is struggling to get a restful night’s sleep. A combination of prescription opioids, anxiety, and stress are the reasons behind this. However, Best CBD Gummies have been proven to help aid healthy sleep. Also, it is worth buying high-quality CBD oil from Zamnesia that’s even better for sleep since it works quicker and contains much more CBD.

Finding the best place to buy CBD gummies is never easy simply because of the amount of competition within the industry, however.

Here are the top 10 Best CBD Gummies that can help you fall asleep.

1.       Penguin CBD

Insomnia afflicts approximately one in four Americans every year, to some extent. Penguin CBD’s gummies can help you with that. Their sour worm gummies come with approximately 10mg of CBD infused into every gummy.

These THC-free edibles use a CBD isolate infusion harvested from organic hemp farms in Oregon. These farms are USDA certified to guarantee the quality of the CBD in every gummy.

Furthermore, you’ll be surprised to find that Penguin CBD’s sour worms taste almost exactly like the original. And the best part is you know these gummies don’t have any pesticides or fertilizers within them.

2.       Mendi CBD

Mendi CBD is one of the few CBD brands that have been endorsed by a celebrity. In fact, Mendi is named after a pro soccer player. It’s his creation and these sweet and sour wedges definitely get the job done.

These Best CBD Gummies are not just tasty but they’re strong, with 25mg of CBD in each gummy. You get 10 gummies in each package for an affordable price.

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You won’t find any traces of THC within these CBD isolate gummies.

3.       Not Pot Vegan CBD Gummies

If you’re looking for a trendy CBD gummy that can help you sleep at night, look no further than Not Pot Vegan CBD gummies.

There are five different flavors of gummies to choose from, which is more than most companies offer. Every package comes with 30 different gummies, with 10mg of CBD per gummy.

When you buy from Not Pot Vegan, you know you’re helping others too as they donate part of the profits from every sale to the charity The Bail Project.

4.       Neurogan

For the ultimate high-strength CBD gummy, you can’t go wrong with Neurogan. Neurogan harvests its hemp from a farm in Denmark. Despite Neurogan being based in San Diego, you’ll see no drop in quality from its European hemp.

Every sour apple CBD gummy contains a massive 40mg of CBD, which makes these gummies some of the strongest on the market.

5.       Pollen Powerbank CBD Gummies

Check out Pollen Powerbank gummies if you want an entry-level CBD gummy that helps you sleep and is ideal for vegans. You’ll enjoy these gummies as they don’t come with an earthy residue taste, which is common in most edible hemp products.

These gummies come with just 10mg of CBD per gummy, but they’re designed to ease anxiety and send you into a healthy sleep cycle.

You have a range of delightful flavors to choose from, including watermelon, coffee, and sour cherry.

6.       Proleve Gummy Slices

Proleve Gummy Slices are some of the best CBD products if you’re looking to get the most value from your dollar. Every pack comes with 30 gummies at 50mg per gummy, and all for $60. You won’t find many other retailers offering deals as good as this.

All their different fruity slices are made through an independent, third-party lab, so you can guarantee quality with your purchase.

These are high-strength Best CBD Gummies, so remember that before you decide to try these out.

7.       Blosum CBD Multivitamin Gummies

Blosum CBD goes one step further with its gummies. They’re mainly geared towards vegans. Not only are they vegan friendly, though, they act as a multivitamin.


You’ll find vitamins like A, C, D, and B6 within each and every 10mg CBD gummy. Furthermore, vegans often have vitamin B12 deficiencies, so the B12 within these gummies can help you overcome that.

They come in a range of flavors, including lemon, grape, and cherry.

8.       Just CBD

Just CBD definitely earned its reputation through its value for money products. You get 36 gummies in every pack for just $50.

Their CBD is 99% pure and is considered to be of pharmaceutical quality. What this means is their CBD isolate contains no THC.

They have some of the best ratings around online, so you know you can trust this brand.

9.       Remedi CBD Gummies

Remedi CBD is another type of CBD multivitamin. Remedi includes a 25mg infusion of CBD in every gummy.

This healthy boost won’t just help you sleep, it’ll help you get some of the vitamins that most of us are deficient in, such as B1, B3, and B12. You should keep in mind, though, that these gummies do include caffeine. If you’re a coffee fiend, you may want to consider whether you want the extra caffeine shot.

10.   Holiday CBD Gummies

Holiday CBD gummies are suitable for vegans, are free of any THC (or traces), and come in a range of delicious fruity flavors.

There are 20 gummies per pack, with 10mg of CBD infused into each gummy. Choose from flavors like lime, orange, and cherry. Furthermore, this company claims to use a nano-emulsion processing technique to guarantee only the best quality in every CBD gummy.

This is a great entry-level product for helping yourself to break the cycle of insomnia.

Last Word – These CBD Gummies Can Help You Fall Asleep

There’s strong anecdotal evidence backing up the claims that CBD can vastly improve your quality of life. Join millions of Americans who have already experienced the benefits of Best Gummies on their sleep cycles.

Since there’s no FDA guidance on Best CBD Gummies, however, you need to do your research. Make sure you speak to other customers and look up the reviews for each brand. Then give them a try. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Have you tried curing your insomnia with CBD yet? If so, which brand have you felt provides you with the best results?